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With the threat of thunderstorms looming in the forecast, we anxiously completed final preparations for the 2016 Girls of Summer All Women’s Alley Cat Race. Rain or Shine, this race was happening.

Despite the ominous clouds, 2016 turned out to be another year for the record books, as 103 racers and over 30 volunteers turned out for a glorious day of miles, smiles, and just a little bit of rain!

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We held our 5th Annual All-Girl Alley Cat, Girls of Summer, on June 13, 2015. Margaret says this is the most exhausted she’s been after this event (either racing or organizing). Monica experienced a zombie-like state and Heather has yet to resurface. But it was all worth it to see all these faces!

Once again, we had record high participation–90 racers! There were lots of new faces, and some we’ve seen every year or just about. Everyone gathered at Gas Works Park and then raced through the streets of Seattle on a ca. 23-mile long course (choose your own adventure, YMMV) and enjoy each other’s company.

The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the ladies showed up to get their top-secret assignments and equipment. We had over 30 volunteers this year, which was great for handling the waves of racers coming into the checkpoints. These guys were up for anything, and some of them got pretty creative with the props and instructions we gave them. They all toted their supplies to their assigned stops and were ready to go by 3pm.

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Tough.      credit: Ben Wong

Tough. credit: Ben Wong

On June 14th 2014 we held our 4th All-Girl Alleycat, Girls of Summer. Its crazy to think we have done four of these things, but we know for sure this one was the biggest and best. 65 Seattle bicycle women climbed Beacon Hill just to get to the start at Dr. Jose Rizal Park to then race through the Seattle city streets to checkpoints where the volunteers would make sure they fill the requirements, kill at the very best route for 22 tough miles (our longest yet), and of course enjoy each other’s company. The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the ladies showed up to get their top secret assignments and equipment.

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Despite the torrential downpour on the morning of Saturday June 23rd, fifty (omg, that’s a TON) of ladies showed up to the I-5 Colonnade for the Second Annual Menstrual Monday Girls of Summer Alleycat!

So many girls!

The riders were greeted warmly with energy drinks from Go Girl, and Ben and Julian from Back Alley Repair, who were on hand to provide tuneups to our rider’s bikes. Thanks guys!

Once our awesome boy volunteers had manned their stops around Seattle, and after the girls were registered, the race was on! Some girls meticulously chose the best routes. Others headed to the closest stops.

Ladies planning their route.


At each of the five stops on the manifest, the riders had to perform a feat of mental and physical ability. Only after this was completed would their nails be painted, proving their awesomeness.

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We’ve heard from a bunch of ladies who are hesitant to ride on Saturday because they’ve never done an alleycat and racing sounds scary. Fear not ladies, Alleycats are fun!!! Below is a primer of what to expect on the funnest day of the year.

Rae Anne at the Rocker Chick stop, Girls of Summer 2011

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Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. It was great to see all the guys and gals who support the race. We drank some beer, chatted and had a few drawings. Gave away two knog gloves, a t-shirt, and a cycling cap.

Check out some pics that Greg of GoMeansGo (who is also putting on the 9to5) took.

Incase you missed your chance to grab some flyers, here is a 4up PNG that you can print out at home. Remember if you take a pic of you putting the flyer up somewhere or handing it to a lady then post it on our twitter or facebook you get entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Naked City Brewery & Taphouse.

Last night we also announced our awesome grand prize for the race. BOOSH
Raleigh was incredibly generous and donated a Capri 2.0 road bike. The bike will be delivered to fit the winners size. If you don’t think you’ll be first girl don’t worry we will have LOTs and LOTS of other rad prizes.

Of course come to the race. June 23rd at the I-5 colonnade. Registration is at 2. Race starts at 3 sharp.

Girls of Summer Proof

One June 11th 2011 46 seattle bicycle women descended upon I-5 Colonnade to race through the seattle city streets to stops where men would make them do ridiculous feats, kill at the very best route 19 tough miles, and of course enjoy each others company.

The day started out with all our great stop volunteers meeting at the colonnade before the ladies showed up to get their top secret assignments. These guys were great and up for everything. Especially when they were told that instead of signing a manifest they had to paint a nail and were given a bottle of brightly colored polish. Some guys had a look of devilish excitement and others had a look of fear. I rested easy knowing they wouldn’t be painting mine. They all toted their props (some pretty heavy) to their assigned stops and were ready to go by 3pm.

You want us to do what?

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So we have been getting a decent amount of questions from people about the race. I will try to answer some but much will remain a mystery, part of the spirit of alleycats is you don’t quite know what you’re getting into.

Q: How long is the race?
A: Not tellin. It is on par with most alleycats in the city but the stops will be open longer to enable maximum amount of finishment. It will be a workout but I promise you won’t die. At least not from this race.

Q: What bike should I ride?/Do I need a mtn bike?
A: You do not need a mtn bike. We will not be going on the mtn bike park trails. You will be riding on the streets so if you have a road bike use that. Fixed gear will also be good. Commuter bikes, hybrid, or mtn bikes will also be fine. Basically whatever bike you have will work just dont feel like you need nobby tires.

Q: Do I need to know the city to race? What if I am new to the city?
A: You will be fine. Just bring a map. The locations are well marked on the manifest. You will not get lost forever and die from being stranded.

Q: How fun is the race going to be?
A: Really fucking fun.

But with a little luck at the Girls of Summer Alleycat, Chrome Bags will make it easier for you. Here’s a little peek inside the box they sent over.

These SF based bag-makers have gained recognition world-wide for producing the industry’s first messenger bags to be made ENTIRELY OF CHROME. Ok, that’s not true, but they are known for making some seriously dependable bags, perfect for the Nine to Five All-Night Scavenger Hunt (see what I did there? cross promotion!).

Big thanks to everyone that came out last night for the pre-party. We had about 20-25 people come by. Got to chat with a lot of great bike people, old and new faces, and it was awesome hearing that people are stoked about the race. There were no posters and only a few flyers (out of 200!) left at the end of the night.

Rob K., who also happens to be putting on Rebel Without a Cog, won the drawing for a gift certificate to Georgetown Liquor Company.

But if you missed out on this prize there is another chance before the race. Anyone who grabbed some flyers or a poster can send us a pic of a flyer or poster you got out into the world, posted up or handed to someone, by June 4th and you will be entered into yet another drawing for a gift certificate to another one of our fine sponsors.

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